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The Annoying Sound of the Vuvuzela

The Annoying Sound of the Vuvuzela

The Annoying Sound of the Vuvuzela

June 18, 2010 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

The hype is finally over and the 2010 World Cup is finally underway. Hundreds of millions of people around the world are tuning in to watch the greatest sporting talent perform on the biggest stage of all. Yet, we are not even one week into the event and one of the biggest talking points has nothing to do with the football but rather a ‘musical instrument’ – the Vuvuzela. If you have not heard what this instrument sounds like imagine a swarm of bees all buzzing in perfect harmony. It’s incredibly annoying, it’s incessant during the matches and it’s attracting a lot of media attention. The other observation that I have made is that the standard of refereeing decisions so far has been very high. I venture to say ‘consistent’.

Last year, I wrote an article on the importance of consistency and how ‘The beautiful game’ is under threat from poor and inconsistent decision-making. I also raised the point that technology needed to be introduced to ensure a level of consistency. I stick to this view and I am genuinely concerned that at some point during this World Cup a very poor decision will be made by the referee which will ‘break the hearts’ of a nation. It will also ensure that a musical instrument is no longer the talking point but rather the question over whether technology should be introduced in order to ensure that the right decisions are made.

Let’s tie this discussion to the service world. Can investment in technology bring about more consistent decision making?

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