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Ten Easy Steps to Overcome Mobility & Cloud Phobias

Ten Easy Steps to Overcome Mobility & Cloud Phobias

Ten Easy Steps to Overcome Mobility & Cloud Phobias

August 28, 2013 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

Cloud and Mobility: the dynamic duo of efficiency. With this power at your fingertips – wait, what did you just say? You haven’t adopted cloud and mobility solutions? Why not? Oh, the fears. Yes, we’ve all had them. Yeah, it’s no picnic, but let me help ease your Xenophobia. What’s Xenophobia? It’s the fear of the unknown. A good dose of solid information usually does the trick. Allow me to dispel some of the myths and rumors by focusing on the usual trouble areas.shutterstock 103264991

Let’s start with cloud security. In our current era of privacy paranoia, this is one of the biggest concerns for most organizations. The majority of internal IT departments spend significant time and money on dealing with today’s cyber security threats. Cloud providers are experts in this area. Amazon’s AWS, for instance, has unparalleled security that is continuously monitored, encrypted, and backed up for recovery. In recent attacks on large organizations, Amazon’s AWS was unaffected. Can your internal IT team, match the skills and resources of a specialized security crew that keeps a globally distributed, billion dollar data center safe?

How about the fear of cloud unreliability? You’re worried you won’t be able to get what you need when you need it. Well, how often does “the system” go down at your workplace? In a recent survey, 93% of enterprises reported struggling with outages and downtime. That’s quite significant. No IT system, cloud or on-premise, is ever 100% available. However, cloud services actually have better levels of availability and redundancy compared to in-house stats. Also, to combat outages, you can calculate the availability you need and build it in to your SLA with your cloud service provider.

Onto mobility, here the number one concern is connectivity. Speed and reliability misgivings bring on the anxiety and worry. I get it, but let’s take a deep breath. The widespread rollout of 4G LTE mobile networks is a huge boost to the mobile workforce, offering not only much higher bandwidth speed but also lower latency. This allows more business applications to be used on mobile devices, as well as real-time sharing of large files and data. A study of organizations in countries that already have 4G found that sales is the business function that benefits most (57%), followed by customer services (40%). The same study found 80% of US businesses get more work done on the move with 4G and nearly half said 4G has saved their company money.

This brings us to cost savings – concern number two. You’re nervous that the projected cost savings of cloud services are exaggerated. That’s understandable with cash as king. But let’s take a look at the facts. In terms of short-term savings, there is no additional hardware or infrastructure to buy. This means capital cost avoidance which means awesome! Oh, and don’t forget the additional savings of IT staff not having to configure and monitor new equipment. Add into that the advantages of implementation speed and the flexibility to scale up or down to meet demand. All of these benefits can add up to 10%-20% productivity gains. And productivity gains lead to cost savings.

I know your apprehensions also include customization and control too. Fear not, my ace of anxiety. IT and business demand is notoriously unpredictable and difficult to forecast, but the cloud allows organizations to respond more rapidly to business and customer needs. Computing power and software deployment can be switched on or off upon demand and at much less cost and hassle than if done internally. Complexity, the enemy of the IT department, and customization of business applications often reduces agility and adds cost. The cloud lowers the need for expensive software integration and allows enterprises to deploy sophisticated mobile workforce management apps quickly and without the need for extensive and costly custom coding and testing. Cloud apps are also quickly deployable across a range of standard platforms, operating systems and devices. Put simply – don’t needlessly try to re-invent the wheel.


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