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Taking the Work Out of Time Sheets

Taking the Work Out of Time Sheets

Taking the Work Out of Time Sheets

August 2, 2013 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

Automated Timesheet App Saves Hours and Dollars

Time and attendance tracking for many service companies goes beyond the general logging of hours worked during a day.  Many organizations also need to comply with regulations, report on detailed activities accomplished during each job, and relay all this information to payroll and finance systems as well. From talking to our customers, time and attendance is one of the most painful activities that occur in the business.

That’s why we spent more than a year thinking about what a perfect time and attendance app should look like.  Our thinking for getting a time and attendance solution right is a combination of mobility mixed with great technology and a bit of change management.


Mobility + Time and Attendance

With mobile technology today, it is easy to report activities during the work day as part of the ongoing working process. And with a small, additional effort, the field employee can add even more activities to the report such as driving time and onsite visits.

From the mobile side, it is easy to create a report that will record all these activities as they happen, and at the end of the day, the field worker can automatically submit this statement with a click of the button.  That in itself is an amazing time saver for any field employee.  When we are talking about crews and multiple hours and activities, this can amount to huge time saving across the board.

Time and Attendance + Change Management

Still, we often see that organizations struggle to implement time and attendance solutions, and often the reason is change management, or finding the right adoption techniques to help ensure technology innovations are absorbed and adopted as best as possible. While change management is an area that doesn’t relate to time and attendance directly, it seems that for field employees, this topic becomes more significant when trying to retrieve data from the field.  Over the years, we have faced many projects and worked with many organizations that have faced these challenges with more success than others.  So with the direct feedback from our customers, we can offer you 5 tips for time and attendance change management that can help you make this change.

Top 5 tips for change management:

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  1. Make sure the technology is easy to use
  2. Implement in stages and review along the way
  3. Roll out to small groups, get their buy-in, then expand
  4. Do user reviews for employee satisfaction issues
  5. Keep forms as simple as possible – fewer fields for workers, yet enough to satisfy management, is the ultimate goal.

Viola! – New Time Sheets App Does it All

This is exactly where the new time sheet activities app comes into play.

We designed our new Time Sheet App and the entire application with the user in mind, fine tuning each detail with what would make it easier for them.  And so we removed much of the interaction with the app during the day, and made it automatic. In fact, for field employees the app is mostly hidden, calculating hours and activities automatically behind the scenes.  For crews it gets slightly more intricate, but our solution covers those complexities as well.

The end result is an app that is extremely powerful and detailed – and yet doesn’t create any emotional or administrational load on the mobile employees.

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