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Taking a CAB ride

Taking a CAB ride

Taking a CAB ride

October 24, 2011 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

Up until 6 years ago the mention of a cab did not bring any particular sentiment other than the sheer frustration of standing outside on a rainy day in Manhattan, trying to find my way back to the hotel and watching all the cabs go by without even nodding their head in sorrow.

Luckily, ever since I joined Click, CAB – our Customer Advisory Board, has become a much more meaningful and positive topic for me. The advisory board is one of the best means we have in product management to engage in direct and open discussions with some of our distinguished customers. The customer advisory board members are willingly sharing with us their vast experience and plans in the area of workforce management in particular and for their business as a whole.

The meeting that we hold twice a year with the CAB forum is an excellent opportunity for us to share future plans and directions for ClickSoftware products and, at the same time, validate them with straight feedback from the field. It is also an opportunity for CAB members to influence our future roadmap plans with concrete feedback from their own implementations of our product suite.

Last but not least, we get a chance to spend some informal time together over dinner and lunch with friends and partners with whom we have already gone a long way and we’d whom we are looking to continue this marvelous journey.

So, next time you yell for a cab, think about our Customer Advisory Board.

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