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Speed and flexibility

Speed and flexibility

Speed and flexibility

September 9, 2009 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

I once listened to NFL quarterback Steve Young describe how San Francisco 49er coaches carefully scripted each play in the week before a game. Every offensive player was assigned precise pass routes, blocking assignments, running lanes, etc. Young explained each play worked perfectly in practice but the moment the ball was snapped in the real game, everything changed. A block was missed. A receiver slipped. The defense lined up in a different formation or blitzed unexpectedly. He said the success or failure of the play was determined not so much by how it was originally outlined but rather the ability of players to make the right adjustments to on-the-field changes as they occurred.

How does this apply to the service world?

Service organizations often start the day with a schedule that looks flawless. All the engineers have their jobs lined up for the day, the amount of ‘white space’ on the Gantt chart is minimal, it’s happy days. Or is it? Even before the day begins engineers have called in sick so reworking of the schedule is immediately required. Once the day begins everything begins to unravel. Customers are not at home, jobs take longer or shorter to complete than expected, traffic jams, and so on…Success or Failure (possibly relating to customer satisfaction, revenues, costs) is determined by an organization’s ability to make “real time” adjustments to the schedule as the day progresses.

The combination of integrated scheduling, mobility and location based services together with continuous communication (SMS, Email, IVR) gives service organizations the speed and flexibility needed to make these real time adjustments.

Does your organization have the technology infrastructure to make the right adjustments during the day of service?

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