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Southern Dock Products: How Field Service Optimization Can Work for Service Companies of all Shapes and Sizes

Southern Dock Products: How Field Service Optimization Can Work for Service Companies of all Shapes and Sizes

Southern Dock Products: How Field Service Optimization Can Work for Service Companies of all Shapes and Sizes

August 25, 2014 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

Author: Jessica Aceto, Euclides Technologies

Field Service optimization is not just an option for large enterprises with thousands of field technicians anymore. As technology shifts, field service management can be a true realization for small, medium and large companies, in varying industries that operate in varying geographical locations.

By working with a ClickSoftware expert implementation and integration partner such as Euclides Technologies, a small to medium sized business in any field service industry can realize the same successes of larger more typical field service industries. Field Service enforces a shift in how a company does business, and this shift is undoubtedly for the better. It places companies who want to improve their overall efficiency into a tier all their own, where other companies still using more manual ways to schedule their work, can’t imagine competing. It used to be that this type of realization of true service optimization was limited to larger enterprises, but this idea now lives in the past. If you’re saying “show me the proof,” we’re getting there.

Recently, I spoke with one of our SMB customers, Southern Dock Products, to get the details on why their implementation was so successful. They let us know about the real benefits the cloud-based solution has already shown and the improvements they are already starting to see just months after going live with the solution.


A little background: Southern Dock operates in a pretty interesting industry. They’re one of the nation’s leaders in the dock and door industry, with clients and customers who depend on the timeliness of Southern Dock’s service to also meet their own needs. The solution has helped Southern Dock to start to exceed the expectations of the business’ they support, while gaining high praise from long-time customers in the process.

Here are 3 things that Southern Dock has accomplished from their field service solution:

  1. Eliminate the need for manual scheduling

Prior to their solution, Southern Dock utilized a paper ticket system and a duel whiteboard system. This caused issues in communication throughout the business. Now, they are able to communicate with field technicians via the mobile device, in real-time, without confusion on completed work due to paper tickets.

  1. Flexibility and Visibility

By utilizing the drip features of ClickSchedule, they are able to control their scheduling while also automating certain jobs to the company needs. Every field technician is visible, and miscommunication between dispatchers going on and off their shifts is a thing of the past.

  1. Improve Service time for their customers

Maybe the most important point, Southern Dock has drastically improved their customer service. With the ability to communicate emergencies to their field technicians from the back office, service times are faster than ever. Oh and of course, customers are as happy as ever too.

So, if you’re a service company who may be from a niched industry, or perhaps has less than 200 field technicians, think about field service management. With the right solution and the right team, it can work for you.

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