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Simplicity, Ballet, and ClickSoftware

Simplicity, Ballet, and ClickSoftware

Simplicity, Ballet, and ClickSoftware

November 23, 2010 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

When pondering the subject for today’s blog, I was thinking about what’s topical at this time that’s not being covered so much already. It didn’t take long for some divine intervention to appear in the form of a passionate private investor who sent an email over the weekend discussing the concept of “simplicity” and citing some examples of how other companies use simple comments and simple messages. Compelling stuff.
But before I put this into ClickSoftware’s context, first, we’re off to the ballet because it is related to the simplicity discussion. Last Sunday, I watched my two young daughters perform in an amateur ballet performance and, apart from feeling like the proudest father in the world, what struck me was the simplicity behind everything. Simple props. Simple stage. Simple costumes. Simple routines. But all of this was extremely effective and powerful.

Then I thought about ClickSoftware and the service optimization market. As this market continues to grow and gain in complexity (because as you all know, it’s not just about scheduling but service chain optimization encompassing forecasting, planning, shift planning, enterprise mobility, and analytics) it seems the industry is risking using a complex language. Words such as “algorithms”, “intra-day optimization”, “heuristics”, and many others can be heard. But are these simple? Probably not.

And this all reminded me of one of the simplest and most powerful messages ever to come out of ClickSoftware: the mini-book “Service Chain Optimization For Dummies” which was launched and blogged about almost one year ago. This is a limited edition book, and many thousands of copies have been distributed to at least 70 countries worldwide. And today, they’re almost all gone.

It’s such a simple but effective book that I am planning to commission another print-run, but before I go ahead, what did you think about “Service Chain Optimization For Dummies”? I’d like you to email your feedback to (or reply here if you prefer) and you never know, you may even be quoted in the next book (if you agree)!

I think there’s some mileage in the “simplicity” idea. What do you think?

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