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ServiceOptimization 8.1.9: How much more intelligent will it make your business?

ServiceOptimization 8.1.9: How much more intelligent will it make your business?

ServiceOptimization 8.1.9: How much more intelligent will it make your business?

June 4, 2013 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

Clicksoftware has just released ServiceOptimization 8.1.9. and the question immediately arises; just how much better can the leading mobile workforce management solution get?

clickmobile smartphone 8.1.9

An excellent question that justifies some tangible answers. Fortunately, we’ve been pretty busy with this release as it features 5 distinct highlights across the solution suite, improving usability and performance. Here they are:

1. All Knowledge Goes Mobile & Mobile is Easier than Ever

The latest version of the Mobility Studio makes it easier to get knowledge into the field with a substantial list of enhancements, superior visualization that helps mobile workers understand what actually needs to be done, and downloadable apps from the ClickAppStore. While most organizations today have tons of knowledge, it’s often the wrong knowledge or its not available exactly when needed. Now, ClickMobile adds significant improvements that streamline and improve collaboration between workers, streamlining their activities, and capturing knowledge as it is created.

2. Proactive Business Monitoring & Actions

Sure, every manager wants to be proactive in solving problems; however, tracking and processing all of the information available has become a real challenge. The new ClickButler engine can be configured to identify specific “contexts” which require escalation, and notify the right people or take automatic actions based on prescribed workflows. ClickButler may send an email to a manager, notify a customer via SMS, reschedule a job, or send information to another system to enable the quickest possible reaction to changing field conditions. Let’s face it; these new capabilities make tracking and processing information a piece of cake.

3. Intelligent ClickButler Services for Mobile Users & Managers

ClickButler uses its knowledge of a mobile worker’s status to offer optional actions that it can take on the user’s behalf – saving time and maintaining focus as the mobile worker drives from site to site. This means that the day goes faster and more smoothly for mobile workers and managers since ClickButler is doing things like drawing their map, dialing their customers, dictating their status, or suggesting the best place to park!

4. Informed Individual & Crew Management

Managing resources has never been an easy task. Finding the right resources… seeing all of the critical information about those resources… updating their information… not to mention crew assignments… With ServiceOptimization  8.1.9, it has never been easier to see and manage crew members and the resources they need. ClickRoster goes even further in this version by introducing automatic scheduling of individuals to crews, while considering team stability, individual preferences, and company or regulatory policies.

5. Last but not least – Optimized Shift Planning Workflow & Results

Version 8.1.9 increases the ease with which shifts and resources are displayed, managed, populated and optimized according to company policies. The ability for employees to see their shifts, as well as gain approval and trade shifts with coworkers is streamlined via the portal. The new ClickRoster “day-off management” ensures policy compliance and managerial visibility of shift-swapping.

So you see, It’s not just a case of making the best a little better – it’s a case of the world’s leading mobile workforce management solutions provider pushing the envelope to “Make Your Business Intelligent!”

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