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Service that could really use a lift

Service that could really use a lift

Service that could really use a lift

July 13, 2009 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

I never considered myself a lazy individual, but I do admit to having a particular liking for the natural convenience of things. As Winston Churchill once said, “Why stand when you can sit?” Well I hold this mentality when it comes to walking up several flights of stairs as opposed to leaning comfortably against the back wall of an elevator.

A few months back I moved from the Back Bay in Boston down to the waterfront on Boston Harbor. Moving from an old brownstone/walk-up unit to a full service building was of great appeal to me. The thought of not having to haul up ten bags of groceries up four flights of stairs was very nice…and to be able to park my car in a garage right beneath my apartment building – priceless.

After having lived in my new building for a few months, I quickly became used to the new conveniences that were afforded me – garbage/recycling rooms on every floor, washer/dryer in the units, elevators covering the 20 floors of the building. But one morning I pressed the elevator button and it took what seemed like an eternity for the elevator door to open. Finally, one of the three elevator doors opened, and it was at full capacity. “Are you kidding me?” I thought as I stood motionless and began pressing the elevator button incessantly again. In waiting, a small crowd of my neighbors had joined me in the hallway.

About three days later, okay, two minutes, the elevator doors opened again. Full. OMG, I’m going to lose it. (Notice how the thought of walking the 13 flights of stairs had not crossed my mind at this point – but forget that! I wear 4-inch heels every day of my life…you try hoofing it up or down a stairwell in those things!)

All in all it took me almost 15 minutes to finally find space in one of the elevators to get to my parking garage. You could quite literally sense the aggravation on each and every person in the elevator. As is customary in the States, everyone normally just watches the numbers of the floors in an elevator go up or down and doesn’t communicate with one another – I would imagine it’s something to do with personal space. But on that morning, it was a nice bonding moment amongst my neighbors – we were all airing our grievances about how one of the elevators was out of service. That was day one.

Here we are almost two months later and that elevator still has not been fixed! Oh, we’ve all seen the service people from Thyssenkrupp working on it….at first we were told by building management that they didn’t have the right part, then the part they thought they needed was the wrong one….then they needed to order a part that wouldn’t be in for a month. It’s now become the joke of the building…seriously it’s comical. We can send a man to the moon, but we can’t fix an elevator??!! Give me a break! Great, I guess everyone will soon come to realize that I’m not actually 5’ 8” – stupid elevator…the only thing lifted in this situation is my agitation level. Never underestimate the beautiful convenience proper service can bring to the world….I know I won’t.

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