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Service Sustainability: Let’s track and save

Service Sustainability: Let’s track and save

Service Sustainability: Let’s track and save

August 18, 2009 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

Sustainable and environmentally-responsible operations are emerging as an issue that will play a key role in planning and evaluation for years to come. Clickipedia referred to this a couple of times, most recently on the July 24, 2009 post titled “Managing field service sustainability”, asking readers whether they have a sustainability initiative in their organizations, and if so, what form does it take. We have already received some answers – please keep them coming!

It’s a good thing that Clickipedia is not alone on this: it wouldn’t be a very interesting subject if Clickipedia was the only place to focus attention on it. As you may imagine, extensive research and market analysis have been going on for quite a while. To mention just one example, Gartner published their report “IT Organizations Will Need Eight Technologies to Provide ‘Greener’ Services” back in 2007, citing “Field Technician Scheduling Optimization” at the top of their list. Since then, companies have started to think about how to systematically manage their sustainability initiatives. Last week, AMR Research’s “First Thing Monday” blog gave a snapshot of the current situation on their post “Sustainability Software: Forget Cap and Trade, Let’s Track and Save”, showing that there are still many challenges ahead. Still, the emergence of such roles as Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO), and the appointment of sustainability council, may indicate a better climate for sustainability in the future (weak pun intended…). The AMR post also mentions that we need to look beyond carbon and GHG (greenhouse gases), and suggests looking at water usage and conservation next – a great point, in my opinion.

Seems like the first challenge is measuring current environmental impact and establishing a baseline. The environmental benefits are clear. The business case is simple in principle, but it still needs quantification and assessment. Is “track and save”, in AMR’s words, on your agenda?

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