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Service, Satisfaction, Success: or why companies depend on ClickSoftware

Service, Satisfaction, Success: or why companies depend on ClickSoftware

Service, Satisfaction, Success: or why companies depend on ClickSoftware

September 9, 2013 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

phone line repair smallThe most telling perspectives of any company come from their customers. With that in mind, we caught up with several ClickSoftware users at ClickConnect 2013 in Europe. We asked them to tell us about their experiences and explain changes in their business since implementing ClickSoftware’s mobile workforce management solutions.

Watch the videos below to get the scoop.

National Grid Notes   
“Rather than being reactive all the time. You’re actually starting to become proactive. Which means you can then please the customers – which is what it’s all about.” – Simon Eves, National Grid

Anglian Water
“We are measured on customer satisfaction by our regulator and we are currently the top performing water company in the UK.” – Heather Wilson, Anglian Water

Anglian Water transformed their service delivery process through utilizing their ClickSoftware solution. With data flowing in from the field, they were able to modify maintenance strategies and implement better scheduling practices.

“You can give tools to technicians that allow them to do the work there and then; rather than having to rely on a group somewhere else and a phone call. That’s a real step forward.”– Paul Bernays, Telstra

telstra video frame
Long-time customer Telstra uses ClickSchedule and ClickPlan to manage 4,000 technicians across Australia. With 15,000 jobs per day filtering through the scheduling system, Telstra is now focusing on Mobility and App Development to move to a full technician self-serve model.

Belgacom was looking for a mobile workforce management partner to optimize the way they work. With 400 field technicians, they needed help with scheduling, workload forecasting, and material management.

“The accessibility of the right people with Click[Software] has been excellent. That has been one of the highlights of the partnership.” – Tony Gattuso, Xerox

Xerox uses ClickSchedule to manage over 2,000 field technicians across Europe. With a workforce of this size, companies need a committed partner to build the right solution to ensure success.


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