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Service Oriented Architecture and Contractors

Service Oriented Architecture and Contractors

Service Oriented Architecture and Contractors

November 8, 2010 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

The introduction of Service oriented Architecture (SOA) at the turn of the century and the standardization of Web Services, as a mean of exposing Application Programming Interfaces (API), has changed the software industry forever and removed much of the barriers that existed before, to integrate systems from different vendors to support a variety of end to end business processes.

In the Service industry similar barriers exist as companies are increasingly looking for ways to introduce flexibility into their workforce. The obvious choice is to integrate contractors into their service delivery model.

But can the integration be as smooth and as robust as SOA?

Well, at least Amazon believed it can. Amazon’s Mechanical Turk allows you to subcontract human intelligent work to a pool of subcontractors without ever meeting them face to face or even speaking to them. The service relies on the same basic principles that made SOA a success, most importantly simple interface and standard protocols. Mechanical Turk is used mostly to subcontract simple tasks such as responding to surveys, correcting spelling mistakes and the likes.

Can the same hold true for more complex tasks?

Well, at least at ClickSoftware we believe so. Over the many years we’ve been helping organizations achieve excellence in their service business; we’ve seen a plethora of contracting models. We gradually added support for all of these models in our products and made it possible to integrate them transparently into any operation model.

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