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Service Metrics, What Should You Measure?

Service Metrics, What Should You Measure?

Service Metrics, What Should You Measure?

April 3, 2013 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

Welcome to a new series on Workforce Management Analytics. To get us started, we ask the question: If you could improve your field service business by 10%, what would you improve?

This is the first question I ask all of our customers as it is important to understand what they are trying to achieve and what they want from our software. More often than not, different parts of the business have different and/or conflicting goals, but I’ll save this complex topic for a later post.

Some goals are measureable, like reducing costs. We can measure this in monetary value over time. Some goals are not measureable, like increased visibility on field resources, which is simply a yes or no result. For this blog, our focus will be on measureable goals. We need metrics to measure our goals. Think of a metric as a smaller goal that allows you to measure the outcome of the larger goal. Let’s say our goal is to reduce costs. Here are some metrics that can contribute to the overall reduction of operating costs.

  • Reduced Compliance Penalties (meeting contractual obligations)
  • Reduced Travel Expenses (fuel, vehicle maintenance)
  • First Time Fix Rate (no return visit required)
  • Resource Utilization (doing more with less)

From my experience, most of our customer goals fall into four major categories: Cost Savings, Revenue Growth, Customer Service, and Employee Happiness. Considering these four goals, it’s difficult to quantify any of them without identifying metrics that contribute to the larger goal.

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