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Service Metrics: What is the W6?

Service Metrics: What is the W6?

Service Metrics: What is the W6?

April 11, 2013 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

Last week, I wrote about measurable goals and their associated metrics. So the question for this week is: how do we know what to measure? Dr. Moshe BenBassat (my CEO) developed a methodology called W6, which translates to Who, Does What, For Whom, With What, Where, and When.

When we consider this as it applies to workforce management, we can derive metrics to measure. Here’s what I mean:

  • Who: We can measure Field Resource, Back office Managers, or Scheduler performance
  • Does What: We can measure types of work. We can measure preventative maintenance or in day break fix demand. We can measure and compare product lines.
  • For Whom: We can measure different customer types or contractual response levels.
  • With What: We can measure tool usage, truck usage, and parts.
  • Where: We can measure travel distance, travel time, or average travel per job or we can separate our measurement by geography (region, state, district).
  • When: The element of time is critical as it pertains to all of the aforementioned, but when considering time, think about measuring the direct or indirect impacts of change to your business year on year. Here are some examples of what I mean. Aging workforce may retire in bulk leaving your operations full of new hire technicians. New products and technology may increase your productivity with enhancements or even decrease productivity with a learning curve. Customer contracts may have expired and have been updated to a more aggressive level of service. The point is, use the element of time to compare not only week to week in measuring core metrics like productivity, but consider how time as an entity itself impacts your metrics. As in the examples above, changes in staff, changes in products, or changes in contracts are all time related. And by the way, did you note how I used W6 to come up with those examples? Who, does what, for whom – staff, products, contracts.

W6 is just one way to identify metrics that support your business goals. Next week, I’ll share my favorite way to derive metrics and trust me, your boss, your staff, and your customers will love you for it.

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