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Service Metrics That Make Everyone Happy

Service Metrics That Make Everyone Happy

Service Metrics That Make Everyone Happy

April 18, 2013 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

Author: Michael Pistone, Business Analyst

Okay, ready for more fun with Analytics? I sure am. Last week I chatted up W6 and how to create metrics if you didn’t have a starting point. But in the service industry, we always have three very clear starting points. What does your boss want? What does your staff want? And what do your customers want? The answers to these questions (in my opinion) provide the “very best” metrics because they directly impact and help the people around you. In my past, I have often heard the following:

From my customers:

  • Your company is always late. (We can measure late arrivals)
  • I waited all day and no one showed up. (We can measure missed appointments)

From my staff:

  • I spend too much time travelling. (We can measure travel time)
  • I spend too much time waiting for my next job. (We can measure idle time)

From my director:

  • You have to get more done with less resources. (Jobs worked per day & number of technicians)

As a field service manager, isn’t it your goal to make these people happy? If all of these people are happy, isn’t your life as a field manager happy as well? Then why not measure metrics that directly impact the people around you. And further to that point, measure even if you are not required to measure. And what I mean by that is, measure the metrics that are not tied to your bonus.

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