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Service Metrics that Make Everyone Happy: (part 3)

Service Metrics that Make Everyone Happy: (part 3)

Service Metrics that Make Everyone Happy: (part 3)

May 2, 2013 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

Last week I talked about manually rearranging schedules to cut down on administrative tasks and lost time. Did it work? It sure did. After dividing Manhattan in sectors and removing all of the administrative work from the technicians, it took about three quarters of the year to get rid of the 700 call backlog. We were down to a one day backlog with no additional resources hired. We had increased our productivity by roughly 40%. I had solved my director’s problems (metrics), which were productivity (jobs worked per day) and backlog (outstanding jobs older than one day). These metrics were tied to my bonus.

I was not required to measure the technicians’ admin work time or travel time, but those metrics solved my problem. I call these “related metrics.” Here are some other related goals and metrics that were part of the equation. The first bullets are goals. The sub bullets are the metrics.

  • Productivity
    • Travel time (that impacts productivity) in minutes
  • Travel Costs
    • Subway fees in dollars
    • Cab fees in dollars
  • Customer Satisfaction
    • Response time in minutes
    • Fewer missed appointments in occurrences
  • Employee Happiness
    • Time spent travelling in minutes
    • Less admin work in minutes

Honestly, this was one of the most stressful and difficult jobs I ever had, but I was sad when I left the company. I was sad because I was leaving a happy boss, happy staff, and happy customers. Next time, we’ll talk about related and independent metrics. In the meantime, think up some ways to measure the happiness of those around you and if they complain, show them that you have graphed their concern and will measure it going forward. If you can’t fix it, at least they will know that you cared. 

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