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Service Metrics That Make Everyone Happy (part 2)

Service Metrics That Make Everyone Happy (part 2)

Service Metrics That Make Everyone Happy (part 2)

April 26, 2013 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

Last week I talked about service metrics derived from your customers, your staff, and your boss and as promised, here’s an example of how I used this methodology earlier in my career.

I was managing 16 field techs in Manhattan, and was faced with a productivity issue. We had over 700 jobs in backlog and some customers hadn’t been contacted in a month after opening their call. My director said, “Your team has to work more jobs per day and you have to get rid of the backlog.” Reluctantly, I called the team into the board room and told them “I need to close more jobs per day and I can’t hire any more staff. How do we do this?” And then the complaints (metrics) started to fly. One person said, “I spend too much time doing administrative work.” And even without measuring, I knew he was right. The process was:

  1. Customer calls contact center
  2. Contact center pages tech
  3. Tech calls contact center to acknowledge page
  4. Tech calls customer to book time (hopefully customer answers on first try)
  5. Tech calls back the contact denter and relays data and time of appointment
  6. Tech calls contact center when job is complete

Tech calls, tech calls, tech calls, seriously? I am not exaggerating the process above. It was severely stupid. Clearly, we were not closing jobs because the techs were on the phone all the time. So I tweaked the process and started routing all pages to my pager. I enlisted the help of some administrative folks in the office and we managed all communications and scheduling, allowing the techs to do what they did best–fix the broken stuff.

In the same meeting, I asked, “What else is wrong?” and I heard; “I spend all day on the subway. I start out at the office in mid-town on the east side. I’m downtown in the morning. My next job is back in mid-town, but on the upper west side. Then I have to go up to Harlem and then back to the office.” So I drew a map of Manhattan on a whiteboard, divided it into 10 sectors and said: “If I put each one of you in a sector, would this make life easier and increase your productivity? Their faces lit up. Now, it wasn’t easy. Our dispatch methodology and technician assignments were based on the individual customer, not on a street address.

We didn’t have ClickSchedule back then so everything had to be manually changed in the database to get the right tech scheduled by location, but eventually, the data was updated and the process was smoother. But did it work? Did I get my results?

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