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Service, It’s all about the service – Duh!

Service, It’s all about the service – Duh!

Service, It’s all about the service – Duh!

March 23, 2012 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

Here I am on vacation in the golden state and found myself a rare, yet delightful opportunity to complete a comment card with great praise.  As a frequent traveler I interact with hundreds of hotel staff on an annual basis, and I wish to share this most recent story.

On return to the Hyatt Regency in OC from one of our daily attractions, I discovered my misfortune to have left by backpack in the taxi.  With a mixture of embarrassment and ‘possibly’ foolish hope, I explained my predicament to one of the young men managing the parking at the door.

Brian immediately empathized with my situation and I felt genuine concern and understanding in his voice.  Certainly it helped to explain that I hadn’t yet told my wife that I also left the camera in the bag, but nonetheless, here was a willing participant in my saga who took charge, swinging into immediate action.  By recognizing the brand and style of taxi from a few short moments ago he was swiftly on the phone trying to locate who had made the drop-off. Without missing a beat he asked a colleague to go review the security footage to try and get a license plate.  All the while, he encouraged me to go and sit-down and relax at the bar.

To everyones surprise, it would seem, within thirty minutes I had my bag safely back in my hands.  To be fair, the taxi driver should take a share of the credit too!

However, there is a point to this story, which is, it is yet another of those moments in life where you realize that when evaluating service ‘as’ the eye of the beholder, the perception of quality does often not come from the brand, the product, or even occasionally the outcome of the service, but the manner in which you interact–person to person.

To share a smile of recognition, to act with courtesy and kindness, to demonstrate in words AND deeds an understanding and acceptance of duty, to be genuine in desire to help; these are the things that represent the most basic instincts in feeling pleased with the interaction and are almost always the easiest to provide.

So, in considering how we can establish the highest quality schedules for service businesses, and empower people in the field with field force mobility, it’s up to you to do the rest and differentiate your service in the quality of your people.

As it says in the title, the clue is in the name.  Service – it’s all about the service!

By the way, the other thing to mention about making it about the people is this;  I thoroughly recommend staying at the Hyatt OC if you are looking for good service!

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