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Service Chain Optimization Hits Prime Time TV!

Service Chain Optimization Hits Prime Time TV!

Service Chain Optimization Hits Prime Time TV!

May 24, 2011 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

For over twenty years, ClickSoftware has built the world’s understanding of service chain optimization with an unrivalled presence as the true market leader in mobile workforce management and service optimization solutions.  From introducing the industry’s unique mini-book, “Service Chain Optimization For Dummies”, through to growing the company’s financial and stock performances, ClickSoftware has led the way in this industry since the very beginning.  And ClickSoftware continues to do so, but for all of these successes and growth, recognition has mostly occurred within the industry itself and those service organizations that benefit from ClickSoftware’s products.

Yesterday, ClickSoftware’s success and innovation was publically recognized on prime time television when our Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Moshe BenBassat, was interviewed by CNBC’s legendary Jim Cramer on the channel’s Mad Money program.  It was a positive and upbeat interview giving viewers an understanding of the types of organizations who benefit from ClickSoftware, the market potential, growth in the stock price, the impact of mobile and tablet computing on the way businesses work,  and what makes this market such an interesting and exciting prospect.

From an investment perspective, Cramer feels that ClickSoftware is the perfect type of small business stock that fits well into a private investor’s portfolio.  From a business perspective, Cramer gets it – ClickSoftware’s products reduce idle time, reduce travel time, lower fuel costs, and remove the costs of repeat trips.  And that was all mentioned in Cramer’s powerful introduction.

Watch the recording of the video here, and tell us your thoughts about ClickSoftware!

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