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Service Chain Optimization For Dummies: Minibook Now Available!

Service Chain Optimization For Dummies: Minibook Now Available!

Service Chain Optimization For Dummies: Minibook Now Available!

December 21, 2009 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

Several weeks ago, I blogged about the forthcoming release of the minibook ‘Service Chain Optimization For Dummies’ and I am delighted to announce that this is now available, free of charge, via the ClickSoftware website.

As of today, once you have registered your details, you will be able to download the digital version of the minibook. For those requesting the traditional printed format, please register your details now so the minibook can be sent to you soon after the January 2010 publication date.

To help build the excitement, here are a few facts about Service Chain Optimization For Dummies:

  • This is the first time that the ground-breaking vision of Dr. Moshe BenBassat is documented in a combined, easy to read, book. Previously such knowledge was spread across presentations, white papers, articles, videos, people, and other information sources but today you can read about the service chain optimization concept in one compact minibook.
  • This is an educational guide to service chain optimization – you will barely spot any formal product names being used because it is our intention to educate and not “sell”
  • External reviews that were conducted pre-launch are highly favourable and complimentary – you can also read these when registering your details
  • There are four parts:
  • Part I – Getting to Know Service Chain Optimization teaches you the basics about this phenomenon
  • Part II – Achieving Excellence on the Day of Service teaches you about some of the most efficient working practices used when delivering service to customers including optimized scheduling, dynamic appointment booking, street-level routing, and communications
  • Part III – Looking Beyond the Day of Service reminds you that an optimized service business is not achieved solely through intelligent scheduling and takes you through the principles of forecasting, planning, rostering, and analytics
  • Part IV – Ten Top Tips for Building an Optimized Service Chain provides sound advice on making any service chain optimization journey a success

Once you have read the minibook, the ClickSoftware team would be delighted to receive your feedback on what’s good, what could be improved, what else could be added or any other feedback. There’s a special email address just for this purpose:

This is a momentous day for ClickSoftware because not only did we coin the phrase and receive the patent about service chain optimization, but we have now also written the book – thought leadership at its best!

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