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Satisfy, Retain and Succeed: The Plan for Success in 2012

Satisfy, Retain and Succeed: The Plan for Success in 2012

Satisfy, Retain and Succeed: The Plan for Success in 2012

February 27, 2012 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

Guest post by Sumair Dutta, Research Director for Service Management at the Aberdeen Group

At Aberdeen’s 2011 Chief Service Officer (CSO) Summit, 80% of organizations assembled forecasted a low to no growth scenario for the global economy in 2012. That said, none of these organizations were satisfied with a low to no growth prognostication for their businesses. With a tumultuous global economy looming, a majority of these businesses (nearly 70%) were looking to double down on their service organizations to drive overall business growth.

Why would organizations do this? Perhaps it’s because business leaders are finally beginning to understand and track the financial impact of satisfied customers. In the past, exceptional service was a great marketing tag line. Now it is a competitive differentiator that can decide whether an organization will be in business at the end of 2012. In Aberdeen’s State of Service Management: Forecast for 2012 research survey of over 200 organizations, those organizations reporting a 90% or more level of satisfied customers saw significant gains in retention, loyalty and profitability when compared to those organizations that satisfied less than half their customers (Table 1).

Table 1: Customer Satisfaction Matters. Really.

Average Result


Customer Satisfaction > 90%

Customer Satisfaction < 50%

Customer Retention



Loyalty (Measured via NPS*)



Service Revenue Growth Y/Y



Service Margin




Source: Aberdeen Group, December 2011*
Net Promoter® and NPS® is a registered trademark of Fred Reichheld, Bain & Co and Satmetrix


While the greater than 90% and less than 50% satisfaction comparison might seem extreme (and is intended to be), those organizations with a 90%+ level of satisfied customers experienced significantly higher retention rates vs. those organizations with less than 90% level of customer satisfaction (92% vs. 76%, respectively).

The bottom line is that every single satisfied customer counts, and can count a lot in a tumultuous and highly competitive market environment. As a result, the improvement of customer satisfaction is a top goal for service business leaders in 2012. More so, these leaders are looking to capitalize on delivered customer value, resulting in a higher degree of repeat business and increased service revenues in 2012.

To learn more about key revenue and customer management initiatives from Aberdeen’s State of Service Research, please access the following document worked on by Aberdeen with the support of ClickSoftware:

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