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Samsung second generation tablets are coming – do they stand a chance against the all mighty iPad?

Samsung second generation tablets are coming – do they stand a chance against the all mighty iPad?

Samsung second generation tablets are coming – do they stand a chance against the all mighty iPad?

March 23, 2011 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

The battle between Android and iOS is fascinating; In smartphones, the fact that for a few years iPhone was available exclusively in AT&T, along with Android’s openness, endless flexibility, and variety of forms factors, all made Android a huge success: it is not only a very good alternative to the iPhone – it was the only alternative that provided a decent UI, AppStore, complete touch experience, and of course – the Google experience. During 2010, Android became the leading smartphones OS, but failed to compete with the iOS in the tablets area.

When it comes to tablets, the story is completely different because the needs are different: the applications quality is far more important than the quantity, the expectations for perfect usability exceeds the need to customize everything, and for many users, the cellular part is not relevant (there are Wifi only devices) or at least not as important as with smartphones.

Bottom line is that for tablets, until this point of time at least, Android OS doesn’t provide any killer advantage over the iOS, except maybe for true multi-tasking and Flash. So the only places to change the rules of the game are the hardware and price.

While it will be very difficult to compete with the hardware of the iPad 2, which generally speaking brings everything that was missing in version one while still keeping the slick thin design – price is a different thing: if you can build a similar product, running Android 3.0, but with a much lower price – you could take a shot at beating Apple in its’ strongest area: tablets.

So far companies such as Samsung and Motorola failed to do so, which is probably one of the reasons why iPad barely suffered from a proper competition, but it seems like things are just about to change soon: Samsung has recently announced 3 new tablets models in different sizes (adding 10.1 and 8.9), running latest Android OS, and most of all – priced lower than the iPad.

It will be fascinating to see the results of Samsung’s second attack on Apple’s iPad. If it will succeed we may witness a repeat of 2010 smartphones history while Android bypassed iOS in many territories including North America.

Tablets and ClickMobile Professional

When we’ve launched ClickMobile Professional few months ago, we saw 2 device families in front of our eyes: smartphones and tablets. Both of them are getting a lot of popularity in enterprise mobility, slowly replacing older devices families such as PDAs, UMPCs etc.

iPad was of course the main tablet we tested, but the beauty of web and Html5 (as I wrote in my Html5 explanation) is that it allows you to build a software designed for not only  different platforms but also different screen sizes, which is exactly what we did with CickMobile Professional.

One of our first CM Pro implementations is done at Skanska, where iPads will be deployed, along with iPhones. Would be interesting to see if Samsung could challenge the iPad’s hagmony. From using Samsung’s latest amazing smartphones such as Nexus S – they definitely have a chance!


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