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Salesforce APP Party – Awesome People, Awesome Party, Awesome Promotion

Salesforce APP Party – Awesome People, Awesome Party, Awesome Promotion

Salesforce APP Party – Awesome People, Awesome Party, Awesome Promotion

June 5, 2015 Robert Stanley 0 Comments

We recently had the pleasure of presenting at the Salesforce AppExchange Awesome People Parties in both Chicago and London, and we had an AWESOME time!

We were joined by some of SFDC MVP’s as well as some of SFDC’s other major users. We had a great time mingling with you guys and learnt a lot about some of your amazing businesses. We hope you had as great a time as we did.

For those of you who were unable to attend the APP, here is a quick recap .


At the APP, we showcased the first two apps in our Expert series: ShiftExpert, and FieldExpert. The Expert series of apps are built on the Salesforce1 platform. They have a familiar, intuitive User Interface and seamless connectivity with your existing Standard and Custom Objects.


Simple and sophisticated shift management solution.

  • Optimize by rules, regulations, absences, demand, company policy and employee preferences.
  • Manage demand coverage for employees, facilities, equipment and other resources.
  • Geared towards business goals, without sacrificing employee satisfaction.


Manage and optimize mobile resources in real-time.

  • Waiting time reduction through Truth-based appointment scheduling.
  • Optimized dispatching based on KPI including minimized travel times, service levels, and preferences.
  • Workforce-focused, result oriented and accessible via chatter on tablets, smartphones and other smart devices.

Both of these great apps  give you greater connectivity, accessibility, and visibility for managers , employees and customers, at their desks, homes, tablets, smartphones, and on their wearables.



We are giving away an Apple Watch!

Wearable technologies are the future, and we’d like you to join the revolution! We are giving away an Apple Watch to the person or organization who tweets the loudest about how @ClickSoftware and #ExpertApps have brought value to your world. We’d love to hear about your success stories and interesting use-cases!

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