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ROK Selects ClickMobile

ROK Selects ClickMobile

ROK Selects ClickMobile

January 25, 2010 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

Few days ago we enounced that ROK, a leading provider of building, repairs and refurbishment, and maintenance services, has selected the ClickSoftware ServiceOptimization Suite.

Rok will manage a full range of jobs with the application, from tasks involving just one technician and lasting a couple of hours to more complex projects with multiple stages, involving a number of technicians and lasting a few days. ClickSchedule will automatically optimize the arrival of the right technician in the right sequence to get the job done in line with Rok’s Service Level Agreement commitments.

All the required project information will be available to the technicians via ClickMobile on their handheld devices. They also plan to use these to update progress, such as closing off a job which will then support Rok’s billing system for fault free and faster invoicing.

ClickLocate will provide a real-time, holistic view of the technicians’ locations and Street Level Routing will show the fastest path for them to reach the customers. All this field information will then be passed to a business intelligence tool, ClickAnalyze, which will provide Rok’s leaders with a valuable insight into the delivery of its services and where improvements could be made. Rok can readily demonstrate to its customers precisely where its services are driving efficiencies.


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