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Rest Easy with a Cloud Security Blanket

Rest Easy with a Cloud Security Blanket

Rest Easy with a Cloud Security Blanket

August 8, 2013 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

Increasingly, businesses of all shapes and sizes are shifting to the cloud. It is cost effective, it centralizes information that employees need, and it allows for more flexibility in the operations of the business. However, as great as it is, cloud computing comes with risks, the most notable of which is security. But these risks can be mitigated by taking appropriate proactive steps.shutterstock 99443369

Last week, the Federal Government in Australia announced a cloud computing policy that confirmed its focus on maintaining the safety and security of personal information. It was a legislative maneuver that would ensure the government could improve effectiveness and reign in storage data costs.

McAfee, an Intel company best known for providing Internet security, recently released a study outlining the economic impact of cybercrime. It noted that hundreds of thousands of jobs could be lost from increased cybercrime – and globally, cybercrime could cost up to $1 trillion; a figure about equal to the cost of global drug trafficking and piracy as well as U.S. car crashes and pilferage, combined.

While there is no magic bullet to completely eliminate the security risks that come with the cloud, there are ways to manage the risk of damaging cyber-attacks and protect vital company information.

The best way to reduce the risk of becoming a cyber-victim is to be aware of the weak links in the corporate chain. As an employer, ensure that technical tools and a sound, secure culture are implanted to fortify any vulnerable aspects of the organization.  Generally speaking, they’re the most effective security measures.

While your employees are your most important assets, they also, unfortunately, represent your biggest weakness; inadvertently of course. As employees and businesses go mobile and incorporate more devices, which leads to cloud incorporation, the data stored there becomes more susceptible. Understanding, and more importantly managing the information transmitted via social media, personal email, and sharing apps will help strengthen your cyber defense and keep cyber-attackers at bay.

Instituting a cloud computing and beyond that, a mobile computing policy is great way to put everyone on the same page and reduce risks.  Company-wide compliance will reduce the possibility of a) confusion and b) careless information sharing. Giving employees a reference point for conducting business via the cloud will help close the door left open for possible leaks.

The last aspect of cyber defense comes in the response. If there is not one already, an internal crisis team should be assembled to deal with such events. The members should know the right media, law enforcement, and legal officials to contact. Preparation may go the longest way in helping mitigate the risks associated with cybercrime.

In the cyber world, crime does pay and it pays fairly well. Establishing the proper defense can help you and your business reduce the risks and fully embrace the developing technologies that can enhance your business as it continues to grow.

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