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Question of the day: Move the work or move the people?

Question of the day: Move the work or move the people?

Question of the day: Move the work or move the people?

July 9, 2008 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

It is common practice to relocate resources to areas that are busy from areas that don’t have enough work to do. The question that arises when you relocate is “who manages the resources during their relocation period?” If the answer to that question is “the person that usually manages that resource”, then you may want to consider moving the work instead of the resource.

Now of course we can’t physically move the work; but what if you could send a task from your schedule to the schedule of a neighboring district and let them assign it to a resource that has capacity?

Relocating individual resources and crews is probably still the best practice in cases of long duration or long distance. But here are a couple of situations in which moving the work might be the best practice:
One-off tasks that need to be handled by a different skill set. Tasks in neighboring districts where there is a short-term capacity shortage, due to say a meeting or someone out sick.

Often times we hear that this is being done manually via phone calls and emails, on an exception basis. If there were an easier way to move the work around to other resources, and still maintain visibility into the status of that work, would schedulers use this process more often?

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