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Providing a Cure for Common Home Healthcare Workforce Challenges

Providing a Cure for Common Home Healthcare Workforce Challenges

Providing a Cure for Common Home Healthcare Workforce Challenges

March 26, 2014 Kristin Amico 0 Comments

In comparison to other industries that provide home services, home healthcare organizations face the most unique and personal challenges, especially when it comes to scheduling. Clients trust their care providers for the correct treatment and services, and missing even a single appointment could lead to serious consequences. In order to properly remedy their client’s health, home care providers must first remedy their own services.  But how? We diagnosed the five common workforce challenges that hinder proper patient care, and provided suggestions for the remedy:

home healthcare small[Download the e-book: Five Challenges Impacting Home Healthcare Providers]

  • Frontier Scheduling for Modern Medicine: getting workers to the right place, at the right time with the correct skills, equipment and medicine to effectively care for the client
  • Communication Transfers: accommodating patient requests, recording vital information, reporting client injuries and relay inventory and invoice records to the back office.
  • Planning and Real-Time Scheduling: adapting advanced shift planning during the day-of-service while considering different schedules, training and accreditation for specific tasks and working preferences, district and regional constraints.
  • Rapid Response and Dealing with the Unknown: allotting time for delays, missed appointments, unexpected priority visits and dealing with broken-up shifts as a result.
  • Attaining and Maintaining KPIs (Key Performance Indicators): considering client experience, primary health provider satisfaction, the cost and lost revenues.

The cure for the common challenge–large doses of optimization, mobility and cloud technologies. Home healthcare providers that will achieve healthy productivity will be the ones that adopt a real-time care delivery strategy. These solutions guarantee high, flexible service that organizes and integrates every aspect of your workforce. Through mobile optimization, providers can ensure immediate connectivity and collaboration by eliminating the paper processes, generate real-time information from synchronized mobile devices and utilize artificial intelligence capabilities. In addition, a cloud based platform enables a rapid deployment, pay-as-you-go options and immediate return on investments.

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