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Portugal Telecom is now using ClickMobile

Portugal Telecom is now using ClickMobile

Portugal Telecom is now using ClickMobile

October 3, 2011 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

Successful implementations are the essence of enterprise mobility, especially when talking about large enterprises such as Portugal Telecom, a global telecommunications operator with almost 90 million customers worldwide.

Few months ago, Portugal Telecom has successfully rolled out its enterprise mobility and field service management solutions to thousands of field technicians. It is thought to be one of the most ambitious field service management and mobility projects in Europe, enabling the organization to differentiate its services in the highly competitive de-regulated telecoms sector in Portugal.

I had the opportunity to work with some of the project people and I wanted to share with you a few key elements in this interesting enterprise mobility implementation:

Over 4,000 end users:
The project was a joint effort by PTSI (Portugal Telecom’s IT services company), Accenture and ClickSoftware Professional Services, implementing ClickSchedule, ClickMobile, ClickLocate and ClickAnalyze. The solution is now managing and optimizing the activities of over 4,000 field technicians who service approximately 2.1 Million customers annually. The field technicians are using Motorola MC75 EDA handheld devices, Some of them are working as subcontractors. Those subcontractors are using the exact same application and devices.

ClickMobile and ClickSchedule – a powerful combination:
The well known synergy between ClickMobile and ClickSchedule creates the “real-time service optimization” where updates from the field, along with accurate GPS location information, are immediately translated into decision making algorithms, allowing an “extra mile” of efficiency when using “drip-feed” dispatching approach.

A combination of predetermined forms with context sensitive workflows:
With over 60different forms, each one holding a combination of predetermined or dynamic workflow, triggered by context of the activity or the data capture by the end user himself, ClickMobile walks technicians, stage-by-stage, through best practice customer service and installation procedures; from greeting customers to the activation of broadband services. This means maximum control and clear visibility of services.

Offline combined with online services:
ClickMobile is optimized for occasionally connected environments, this allows users to work on the ClickMobile products even when completely offline. Portugal Telecom is using ClickMobile to also generate “online” services such as integration with back-end systems for line activations, line quality tests and more.

Using videos and files for training:
Every few days, technicians receive a morning video for training purposes. At the end of the video they must answer a few questions to confirm understanding. This is a cool use of simple technologies we all use in our “consumer” life, to improve the business. Videos, and other files can be easily attached or be embedded inside ClickMobile forms.

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