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Partnership with Cloud Leader Means Exceptional Customer Experience for Users

Partnership with Cloud Leader Means Exceptional Customer Experience for Users

Partnership with Cloud Leader Means Exceptional Customer Experience for Users

June 3, 2013 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

We are excited to share the news of our new collaboration with Salesforce on a cloud-based mobile workforce solution that will empower the services industry to deliver on the promise of an exceptional customer experience while running an efficient operation. We have signed the agreement and will soon be launching ClickWorkforce on the AppExchange, which is fully integrated with Salesforce  to provide users a single view of the entire customer snapshot—from preferences and sales orders to work tickets.


Becoming a customer company is a critical success factor for the services industry. As VP of Marketing I know that in order to succeed, the entire company needs to be aligned and all internal resources should be focused on ensuring that customers are happy.

Between Paris, San Francisco and Tel Aviv, both our teams have come together around the simple idea of improving the service we provide our customers through a smooth and straightforward cloud-based solution by extending ClickSoftware Cloud offering into Salesforce. It has been a rewarding and enriching experience working with their team who are at the forefront of the cloud revolution and we believe our joint customers will reap many benefits from it.

ClickWorkforce users can look forward to an experience that will integrate seamlessly within the Force environment.  Getting the best of both worlds, Salesforce users can continue to work within the environment they currently enjoy and further utilize the chatter experience across the team, while having all the benefits of the ClickSoftware offering; efficient task scheduling, real-time mobility tools and insightful service analytics. Until recently field service used to be considered as a cost center, however with more channels for customer communications field service employees actually become even more critical in improving the customer experience. Integrated chatter within ClickWorkforce promotes internal collaboration between the field service employee, contact center agent and the sales rep enabling you to change the service game.

With ClickWorkforce we have managed to pack in the power of advanced decision-making algorithms and artificial intelligence into a Salesforce application which is fully in sync with the back office system, the mobile field worker and the customer. Put simply — service at its best.

This collaboration marks a further step into mobile workforce management on the cloud, and we couldn’t be happier doing it with Salesforce.

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