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How Dispatch Managers Can Bring Order to What Can Seem Like A Three-Ring Circus

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How Dispatch Managers Can Bring Order to What Can Seem Like A Three-Ring Circus

Field service dispatch management is oddly enough, much like a circus. The dispatch manager basically has to be the ringmaster while doubling as a juggler on a tightrope. While satisfying expectations of the audience (i.e., customers), they must handle many tasks in parallel without breaking a sweat. As they orchestrate one complex scenario after the other, they must do so with a smile on their face. Just for fun, a circus mate (i.e., technician) might throw something unanticipated into the mix....
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Steve Smith | September 13, 2017

EMEA Utilities Smart Metering: A Roadmap for the Rest of the World?

In the UK and across Europe, smart metering is mandated. Both this technology and its governance are advanced well beyond the rest of the world. Meanwhile, othe...
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Paul Whitelam | September 7, 2017

SAP Now Offering Best-in-Class Field Service Management in the Cloud with ClickSoftware

Today ClickSoftware announced the extension of our decade-long partnership with SAP. Our flagship offering—Click Field Service Edge—is now available globall...
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Steve Smith | August 30, 2017

3 Long Cycle Utilities Planning Hacks

In utilities, many projects span multiple stages, and include parallel and sequential tasks, often with dependencies. Despite this fact, many utilities professi...
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Katelyn Burrill | August 23, 2017

5 Ideas for Improving Service Elasticity

Can your field service organization handle the additional workload when demand spikes without impacting service quality and customer experience? In many sectors...
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ClickSoftware | August 9, 2017

Service: A Linchpin In An Increasingly Complex Telecom Landscape

In field service today, sometimes it can feel like you are swimming upstream, with no opportunity for a break. For telecommunications service providers specific...
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Haley Bucelewicz | August 2, 2017

IT Transformation Checklist to Prepare for Wearables & IoT

While adoption of wearables and the Internet of Things (IoT) has been relatively slow in field service (manufacturing being one exception), these technologies ...
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Karo Kilfeather | July 26, 2017

Applying 8 Change Management Principles in Field Service

Whether trying to floss every day, or convincing service techs to more accurately log their drive-time, changing behavior is hard. Ask any field service execut...
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Karo Kilfeather | July 19, 2017

Why Change Management Fails, and Why Field Service Needs It More than Ever

Seventy-six percent of field service providers report they are struggling to achieve revenue growth, which means the need for process and technology change i...
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