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Vivint Embraces New Technology and Optimizes Scheduling

Most Recent Post | Haley Bucelewicz

Vivint Embraces New Technology and Optimizes Scheduling

Vivint creates smart home solutions, such as home security, energy management, and home automation. In other words, they create homes with connected “smart” appliances that can be controlled remotely and automatically. As more consumers rely on smart devices such as thermostats and security systems, it's increasingly important that these devices work. Otherwise, it disrupts the consumer's daily life. Before implementing ClickSoftware solutions, most of Vivint'...
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ClickSoftware | April 19, 2017

Your IoT, Automation & Predictive Analytics Questions Answered

The Internet of Things, service automation and predictive analytics all promise to reshape the field service management landscape. But each of these t...
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Haley Bucelewicz | April 17, 2017

Black Hills Energy Improves Communication with Customers

Black Hills Energy provides gas and electricity for residential customers across eight different states. Utilities Systems Manager Dave Mutchler recognized the ...
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ClickSoftware | April 12, 2017

Unstoppable Telecom Industry Trends for 2017 & Their Impact On Field Service

Consumer behavior continues to evolve rapidly, with the most notable trend being a surge in global smartphone adoption. In 2017, analysts predict the total numb...
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Haley Bucelewicz | April 10, 2017

TigoUne Dials Up More Effective Field Workforce Management

TigoUne offers a wide range of telecommunication services across Colombia, including broadband internet, television, and telephony. With over 1700 engineers spr...
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ClickSoftware | April 5, 2017

Addressing the Aging U.S. Utilities Workforce Crisis

The Current Situation No one can argue against the need for a thriving workforce in the utilities field service management sector. Whether discussing electri...
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Haley Bucelewicz | April 3, 2017

ClickReads: ClickSoftware Experts Weigh in On Field Service and Technology in Q1 2017

We’re facing exciting times in field service management. As the world undergoes digital transformation, customers expect faster, more transparent, and mor...
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Haley Bucelewicz | March 29, 2017

Webinar Replay: Improve Your Bottom Line With Better Customer Experiences in the Field

The webinar "Improve Your Bottom Line With Better Customer Experiences in the Field" discusses customer experience from both the business to busi...
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Haley Bucelewicz | March 27, 2017

Ameren Boosts Service with FSM System Upgrade

Ameren is an American electric and gas utility that serves customers in parts of Missouri and Illinois. Prior to working with ClickSoftware, Ameren's g...
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