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Online Appointment Booking: A Convenience Customers Demand

Online Appointment Booking: A Convenience Customers Demand

Online Appointment Booking: A Convenience Customers Demand

October 9, 2014 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

Meat and Potatoes for Your Customers
Customers enjoy having the ability to schedule their own appointments. Whether it is during a lunch break or in the middle of the night (for those night owls who are online at 2am), customers enjoy the convenience of making their own appointments. And just like meat and potatoes is expected at every family meal, the customer is starting to expect online appointment booking from every service organization as well.

Blog_Mobile CalendarNuts and Bolts for Your Business
But a great customer experience is not all that you get from an online appointment booking solutions. There are lots of things that mobile appointment booking can do for the business side of your service organization, things that will improve your bottom line.

Use Truth-Based Appointment Booking
Based on actual capacity, truth-based appointment booking enables you to book appointments in your existing schedule based on true job durations and travel times.

Add in Graded Appointments
it uses your business objectives to give a grade to each optional slot. With each appointment meeting your business rules, you can offer the slots that best meet your business objectives first, thereby exponentially increasing the chances of reaching your business goals.

Reserve Capacity with Real Simulations
Mobile appointment booking already defines the main factors needed for capacity planning: how much work should be done per day, location and task type, what service level can be achieved, and how many resources are needed. Throw in a real simulator, and you can properly place the technicians in the schedule. Where there are gaps, you can control the amount of overtime and subcontractors used.

So why not rethink online appointment booking so that you can exceed your customer’s expectations and your business goals, too.

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