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OneRoof Energy + ClickWorkforce = Happy Customers & Healthy Bottom-Line

OneRoof Energy + ClickWorkforce = Happy Customers & Healthy Bottom-Line

OneRoof Energy + ClickWorkforce = Happy Customers & Healthy Bottom-Line

November 12, 2013 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

I think harnessing solar energy is magical. I’m unfamiliar with the science, but whatever abra-cadabra, hocus-pocus makes it happen, I find it super-cool. I just wish a roof full of solar cells wasn’t so expensive. Thankfully, OneRoof Energy believes that solar electricity should be affordable to everyone. What strategy do they employ to quickly and affordably get solar cells on the roof for you and your neighbors? They keep operational costs down with an integrated mobile workforce management system. This solution allows the business to perform efficiently while maintaining a consistent customer experience.

In our recent webinar, OneRoof Energy’s VP of Technology and Corporate Services, Hussein Yahfoufi, discussed the benefits OneRoof has realized from implementing a mobile workforce management solution. He detailed:

  • The challenges faced due to rapid growth
  • How they defined their solution criteria and selection process
  • The rapid 7 day implementation

Through our partnership with, ClickWorkforce is specifically designed to seamlessly blend into the Salesforce Platform on the cloud. This is a big advantage for companies that already utilize On the topic of integration, Yahfoufi stated, “One main thing that we loved about ClickSoftware was that it was quick. It’s easy to implement, and feels like it’s an application that’s just part of the CRM system. That was a big selling point for us.”

Integration with pre-existing systems is a big gain. But, no matter how powerful a piece of technology is, workers won’t use it if it’s not designed for simple operation.

“I wanted something that was easy to use for the call center and easy to use on the app(mobile). We wanted something that just automates everything for us and ClickSoftware does that,” said Yahfoufi.

Technology-rich solar finance provider OneRoof Energy has quickly become one of the nation’s leading sources of affordable solar leasing. Due to rapid growth, they selected ClickWorkforce, ClickSoftware’s advanced scheduling and real-time mobility solution with tight integration with Today, OneRoof is able to streamline appointment scheduling, resulting in a far better customer experience.

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