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Oh, What a Year!

Oh, What a Year!

Oh, What a Year!

December 19, 2010 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

It feels like only yesterday I was recovering from New Year’s lethal hangover and all of a sudden this time of year is here again (what ever happened to my new year’s resolutions???) I guess they really meant it when they said “time flies when you are having fun” and great fun indeed it was in 2010.

Here is a short recap of what we’ve been busy doing over the past 12 months:

– 3 versions of the Service Optimization suite, one major and two minor, packed with features and great new stuff

  • The first edition of the Service Policy Discovery and Tuning tool that finally puts control of your service operation in your hands. With this tool you can literally make sure that your field staff is really exercising your policy according to the priority you set and in line with the experience you want your customers to enjoy.
  • ClickSoftware OnDemand has made its debut earlier this year introducing choice for organizations who are passionate about the quality of their service delivery to adopt the full range of solutions from ClickSoftware deployed in the Cloud and used in a SaaS delivery model.
  • The first edition of ClickMobile for smart devices introducing support all of the latest mobile platforms, ranging from iPhone and iPad Apple iOS devices, Android Smartphones and all the way thorough to the latest RIM Blackberry OS 6 devices. The choice we made to adopt the HTML 5 standard, enable our customers to choose from a wide variety of smart mobile device that are already available in the market, as well as safely rely on future devices that would be launched over the coming months and years.
  • Still in the state of the art technology section, we’ve released another version of our Rich Internet Application ClickSchedule client with zero deployment footprint and new functionality that exposes all of the automatic optimization capabilities and also makes handling of scheduling exceptions a joy for our users. (well, joy is a relative term)
  • ServiceTycoon , our offering for small service businesses, has been steadily growing its user base, and increasingly delivering on its promise to serve as a one stop shop for all of the needs of a service contractor even if it is a ‘one man show’ type of operation and regardless of whether work is done in the office or on the road or at customer locations.
  • True to our vision of end to Enterprise Wide Scheduling, we’ve been rigorously working to merge capabilities from different tools that we have under our suite, into one cohesive offering for shift planning that supports organizations from a variety of industries including field service, public security and transportation. With this great tool organization can now optimally manage their workforce to maximize work demand coverage by shift and interval, as well as govern the activities delivered by their workforce during working hours.

The list goes on, but I hope I’ve given you enough of a flavor to keep you in anticipation for the stuff we have planned for next year.

It now feels like the right time to start planning for my soon to come hangover and wish you all happy holidays and a very, very good 2011.

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