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Not Invented here but still a winner

Not Invented here but still a winner

Not Invented here but still a winner

November 30, 2009 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

Once in a while I strive for more education.. so a few weeks ago, I participated in a seminar on ‘Strategy’, which is called Strategic Intuition – the key to innovation, by William Duggan. In the session, Prof. Duggan from Columbia university, tried to convince us that genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration, while providing us different examples from history, starting with Napoleon ending up with Google, Prof. Duggan highlighted the fact that the most innovative ideas are not necessarily new…

Coming to think of it, as a product manager, I couldn’t agree more… I started thinking about good examples of how simple ideas, based on vast experience, and not only the creative ones are the ones which make the major differentiation in our product offering. One good example I thought of is our new product offering regarding the management of contractors.

Outsourcing is not is a new concept, and the business challenges associated with it are well known:

  1. Visibility and control – required by the service organization as well as by the contractor company
  2. Maintain customer satisfaction – while outsourcing, the service organization actually outsources the customer service, which in many cases might be THE competitive advantage..
  3. Coordination – the need for the service organization to synchronize and work well with the contractor company and vice versa to achieve improved efficiency and customer satisfaction

So how are these business challenges translated into a solution for both the service organization and for the contractor company while reaching a win win situation between both entities? The answer is ServiceTycoon tightly integrated with the ServiceOptimization Suite. While the medium to large service organizations enjoy comprehensive, optimizations services, they can still work closely with their contractors, provide them visibility and control, while still maintaining their own service policy. With this joint solution there is a balance of control, there is an end to end process, which also allows both service organizations to reach operational efficiencies, not to mention the ability to maintain and even improve the level of customer service.

So, it is all about simplicity and improved communication between the service organization and the contractor company. Not invented here but still a winner!

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