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Networked Field Services – Download it now!

Networked Field Services – Download it now!

Networked Field Services – Download it now!

August 26, 2010 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

A new white paper has been released and it explores the convergence of several different technologies including: mobility, GPS, business intelligence and M2M (machine to machine) technologies with evolving field services management strategies. This convergence has resulted in a new “Networked Field Service” model. Investment in space travel has provided many direct and indirect benefits to society.

For example, weather forecasting technology, solar energy, scratch resistant lenses, water purification systems, enriched baby food and air quality monitoring have all made advancements because of investments in space travel research. Likewise, the military has made huge investments related to the implementation of Network-Centric War fare technologies and mobile data collection strategies that are now providing benefit and revolutionizing the way commercial field services organizations operate. In this paper we will explore these concepts and benefits and learn how they can be implemented. In addition to the technology, we will explore how field services organizations can take advantage of the advances in management and decision making models that are now possible with a networked field services organization.

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