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More Mobile Users = More Opportunity for Mobile Collaboration

More Mobile Users = More Opportunity for Mobile Collaboration

More Mobile Users = More Opportunity for Mobile Collaboration

February 25, 2013 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

GSMA recently issued a report detailing the state of the mobile industry — in brief, it’s growing. Nearly half of the world’s population (3.2 billion) have at least one mobile phone, and it’s expected that the 4 billion-subscriber milestone will be reached in 2018. With all these connections (more than a billion smart phones and hundreds of thousands of apps) how can individuals and businesses best harness all the potential mobility, especially smart phones, deliver?

They can start by using mobile for collaboration or team and task management. With so many people accessible at all times, location is largely irrelevant.  Groups as small as families, or as large as a major enterprise, can leverage smart phones and apps for communication, productivity and even cost savings.

Mobile collaboration can be an extremely effective tool if it is used correctly. To ensure that it is, apply these high-level strategies recommended by our mobile experts:

  • Be flexible: Creativity thrives when it is not constricted. While it is important to have an end goal, let your group find their own way there. If the team is given a little bit of freedom they will be able to think outside the box and generate more innovative solutions.
  • Get to Know One Another: Teams work best when they are a cohesive unit and learning more about your teammates goes a long way to achieve that. Collaborating will be made much easier when all members are comfortable and feel like their voice is being heard.
  • Embrace Face Value: Having the flow of a conversation when brainstorming is incomparable. And luckily with tools like Skype and Google Chat, meeting face to face is never impossible. They simulate a direct meeting and diminish the chances of key points getting lost in second hand communication
  • Be Social: Implementing social media is important and useful when virtually communicating. Updates, ideas, and, yes even the occasional funny video can easily be shared while not clogging up your team members’ inboxes. As long as these sites aren’t ruining productivity they can be an excellent addition to the collaboration process.

Collaboration will forever be a part of business which is why it is important to adapt this method as workplaces become more and more nomadic. Using these tactics can help you, and your company, overcome the hurdles of mobile world.


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