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Mobility Top Priority for the Enterprise, Is Your Org Prepared?

Mobility Top Priority for the Enterprise, Is Your Org Prepared?

Mobility Top Priority for the Enterprise, Is Your Org Prepared?

October 22, 2013 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

79% of global IT leaders have cited mobility as their top priority, with 69% of them already adopting some sort of mobility initiative. These statistics are according to the Secure Enterprise Mobility Report 2013 conducted by ICT services and solutions provider Dimension Data.

The study found that only 29% of those polled have tested how core applications behave on mobile devices. Additionally, only 32% have carried out a security audit of applications on mobile devices, despite the fact that 71% of them cited data security as their main concern related to mobility.

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Conducting security audits and testing core applications are crucial for the success of a mobile strategy. Without these, IT departments are likely to deliver experiences below the optimal level, which could restrain mobility adoption. As well as this, they will miss the opportunity to identify and solve security issues before they become a threat to the enterprise.

Approximately 82% of respondents in the study said that staff at their enterprise are using mobile devices for corporate purposes. With this, it is important that those enterprises have clear mobile projects, in order to ensure the investment in mobility works properly and delivers value for the business, as well as to make sure it meets the demand of the growing mobile workforce.

The report demonstrates that enterprises have started to listen to analysts. These days, 55% of companies have some sort of mobility initiatives in place. However, the study also suggests that many of those enterprises have not further followed analysts’ advice, which is to make time to identify exact mobility requirements, and to recognise IT security policies required to control distribution, support users before they deploy, and manage risks.

When considering the large mobile device adoption in the workforce, the importance of data and privacy security concerns is not lost on IT departments. More than 77% of participants in the study said that privacy and information security concerns are the major challenges they expect to face when developing and implementing their mobility projects.

In addition, the study also found that 67% of all devices, all of which on mature networks, have at least one security exposure that creates an additional amount of complexity, meaning that the risk of intrusion is higher. Unsurprisingly, 27% of respondents said they believe they have defined their network policies for the mobility projects clearly.


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