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MobileFever Celebrates 100 Blog Posts

MobileFever Celebrates 100 Blog Posts

MobileFever Celebrates 100 Blog Posts

March 21, 2011 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

I started the MobileFever blog almost 2 years ago. At first it was used as an internal, data collecting blog, used by ClickSoftware employees only, while I’m expressing my writing passion in my private blog, the mobile spoon. With time, it turned out that more people, from outside the company are interested to hear what we have to say, and get some updates about out activities in the mobile world, so we made MobileFever public, providing updates about ClickSoftware Enterprise mobility, as well as some personal opinions and experiences from working with our mobile customers, partners, and R&D.

Last week’s post was the fever’s 100th post! And since our mobility activities are expanding dramatically (and fast!), we felt it’s time to celebrate, and at the same time take the blog to the next level by adding more content, opinions and technology updates!

MobileFever is delighted to invite a list of friends, most of them from within ClickSoftware, to contribute content that hopefully will be useful for all of our readers.

Starting next week we will have a weekly guest post which will address different topics of mobility from different angles: sales, implementations, R&D, marketing, etc.

Sounds interesting?

You bet!

And since we have now passed our 100th blog post, how about a short summary of what we had so far?

Tips and guides for successful enterprise mobility implementations:

So although this is a ClickSoftware blog, we tried to include some general information and tips for readers which are not necessarily ClickSoftware customers.

The “How to select a mobile device” series was just the beginning! After that series, we added some other relevant tips and guides for you to use:

And of course, our famous “10 common mistakes to avoid when selecting and deploying a mobile solution” (which later on turned to a webinar, and other public sessions…).

Mobility Trends:

We’ve learned that employees prefer smartphones over laptops, but what smartphones exactly? iPhones? Androids? Maybe BlackBerries?

So we’ve talked about trends in the smartphones world, trends in sales, OS market share, talking about enterprise companies switching from BlackBerry to iPhone, Android surpassing iPhone, and in general, tried to understand how the smartphones war between Google and Apple will affect the enterprise.

This topic always makes people argue, as it has become, for some reason, very sensitive. I believe we will relate to it again in the future as we see more and more players stepping into the enterprise world by starting with consumers (windows Phone 7, HP/Palm webOS).

Ongoing updates:

We gave some updates about new releases of ClickMobile and the Mobility Suite by ClickSoftware. The latest one was about the release of ClickMobile Professional, the first Html5 / hybrid application for field service, using the ClickSoftware Mobility Suite as the infrastructure, compatible with iPhones, Android, iPads, and more. You can read about ClickMobile Professional in here.

We will continue to do so on a more frequent manner as we already have some great announcements waiting to be exposed real soon!

Most Popular posts!

Over 30% of our readers are located in the United States, 10% are from the UK, where the rest come mainly from India, Canada, Australia, Germany and other countries.

But of course, we can never end such summary without some statistics about our most popular posts – here are the top 5 popular posts for the MobileFever!

Most popular posts:

5. 10 Mobile Technologies To Watch In 2010

4. Microsoft Announces Windows Embedded Handheld – What Does It Mean?

3. First Android Rugged Device Unveiled

2. ClickMobile Running on Windows Mobile 6.5.3

And the most popular post in the short history of MobileFever is…


1. Introducing ClickMobile Professional – The First Hybrid Application With True Cross Platform Capabilities

That’s it for this special summary. The fever continues and hopefully our readers find the information presented here interesting, and more important: useful.


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