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Mobile Implementations Tips – 10 Common mistakes (Mistake #8)

Mobile Implementations Tips – 10 Common mistakes (Mistake #8)

Mobile Implementations Tips – 10 Common mistakes (Mistake #8)

May 4, 2010 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

We are getting close to the end of this 10 common mistakes guide, and although I will keep writing about this topic in the future, it does feel like… the end of a long run.

10 mistakes you should avoid when selecting and deploying a mobile solution

And today, tip number 8, when technology and expectations do not come across:

Mistake #8: Expecting too much out of the technologies:

It’s true that mobile technologies have evolved significantly in the last few years. Smapdragon processors, Network bandwidth, screen resolution, multi-tasking – they all exist and are here to stay (for short time, until they will be replaced by better ones…).

Still, there are weak areas in mobility, which are yet to be solved, and sometimes it’s better to lower expectations and requirements in one part of the system for the success of the entire project.

Network coverage may slow down or even block some business procedures. Handheld devices may end up showing some limitations due to the limited memory, CPU, screen size, or lack of keyboard. Laptops are still limited when it comes to single hand usage of the device or battery life. Some devices are still causing problems due to their form factor etc. Integration is never an easy task. Even when you have a complete integration you may end up having issues when modifying specific systems.

Tip #8: It will not be a disaster if one feature is dropped from the requirements in favor of simplicity or a more consistent system.

From my experience, many times organizations try too much to add more and more functionality ending up pressuring the system, harming usability or causing performance/functionality issues.

Mobile technologies are amazingly progressing but still hold some limitations which every project should get familiar with and set expectations accordingly.


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