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Mobile Apps Save Users More than an Hour Each Day

Mobile Apps Save Users More than an Hour Each Day

Mobile Apps Save Users More than an Hour Each Day

May 21, 2013 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

How many times have you been sitting with a friend, talking, while he is using his smartphone and pretending to be listening? Well, guess what? He is not listening, but he is not wasting his time either. He is being productive, and is actually saving a lot of his time, unfortunately, to your loss.

MobileAppsA new ClickSoftware study shows that the (not so) tiny mobile companions we keep in our pocket, the ones that keep pulling us away from the physical world into a minimized virtual one, are actually productivity beasts that are worth much more than the price we paid for them — thanks to the apps.

Sure, being constantly connected, using email, text, and social apps increases our productivity, but how much exactly? And what about those other apps we are using? For business and pleasure, mobile apps allow us to perform actions which in the past required stepping into an office, or opening a laptop. Apps help us stay on top of everything, release bottlenecks in the information flow, access information, and make decisions in almost real time. Apps help us accomplish things from anywhere, regardless of time or location, and it’s worth a lot of money to us as individuals and to the businesses we work for.

Back to the survey: we asked respondents to list the tops three apps they use the most, but most importantly we also asked how much time they save by using those apps.

Below are the findings:

Most Frequently Used

App Types

Percentage of Smartphone Owners Who Say This Type of App is One of Their Top Three Most-Used Apps

Average Time Saved

Per Day By Using This Type of App



35 minutes



53 minutes

Social Networking


25 minutes



18 minutes

Web Browsing


33 minutes



17 minutes

Maps or GPS


24 minutes



23 minutes

Time is money

While the list of app types isn’t very surprising – the time saved by using the apps is certainly is: more than an hour per day (88 minutes), which is equal to up to 10 hours per week or 535 hours (22 days) per year. That’s a lot.

Take social network apps as an example, instead of opening LinkedIn from your laptop at the expense of your working hours, how about reading your notifications straight from your smartphone over lunch or while standing in line next to the coffee machine? That’s maximizing productivity. That’s saving time.

But that is only the tip of the iceberg. The true power of mobility comes when you combine modern technologies and trends together with business functionality: business apps allow individual employees to perform their work more efficiently while on the move, saving time, money, travel, increasing accuracy, and lowering risks. Mobile business apps allow team leaders, managers and executives to monitor the activities from everywhere, when traveling, while on vacation or during weekends. The work is managed, bottlenecks are solved, approvals are submitted, decisions are made, and delays are prevented.

What’s next?

It’s obvious to all that the mobile revolution still has a long way to go. The survey supports that.

Despite the productivity gains, the majority (82%) of U.S. smartphone owners felt they are not using all the capabilities and features of their smartphones to the fullest. Over one-third of them felt the apps they need to be as productive as possible have yet to developed.
It means that there is still potential for more productivity for each one of us. As mobility continues to evolve, people will find more apps that help them be more productive.

Of course, one thing to remember is that the formula above is not linear: just because you use those mobile apps more often, doesn’t mean you save more time. There is always a balance that needs to be kept, as there are still tasks that are better done from a laptop or while talking face to face with the team or the customer. But who knows, maybe as mobility evolves, the equation will keep shifting towards mobility.

Learn More: Read the press release or download the full report.

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