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Mistakes when Implementing a Mobile Solution – Mistake #7

Mistakes when Implementing a Mobile Solution – Mistake #7

Mistakes when Implementing a Mobile Solution – Mistake #7

April 26, 2010 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

Wow, after a few days of silence we are back with some more tips from the guide: 10 mistakes you should avoid when selecting and deploying a mobile solution

Mistake #7: Creating an inconsistent mobile environment:

So you are working on your mobile project. And unlike anything else you implemented so far, here the expectations are that one client application will include different modules that each one is actually interacting with a different part in the back-end. Different modules in the back-end or even different back-end systems.

That’s a tough one. And indeed, according to leading analysts, one of the biggest concern enterprise companies have when entering a mobile project has to do with Integration.

But, since everyone knows Integration is one of the most important (and challenging) aspects in mobility, I do not want to talk about that aspect here, what I do want to mention, is what happens when the integration is in place.

Now we have a mobile application, interacting with 3-4 sometimes even more back-end systems, and one poor user that needs to know how to work with all of those tools.

Be careful not to create an inconsistent mobile environment.

It’s very easy to get lost in the forest of features and functions and create an inconsistent beast where every feature behaves differently, the workflows are not well defined and the entire user experience is problematic.

An inconsistent environment means that every part of the application behaves differently, in terms of flows, permissions, expected results, offline/online support, etc.

To get maximum results out of your mobile application it needs to remain consistent, even if the fact it interacts with multiple back-end systems makes it hard to accomplish.

Tip#7: When integrating so many capabilities into one application, ensure consistency and a single framework, otherwise things will become too messy and buggy in the end.

Oh, and just a reminder: sometimes it’s better to drop a feature than to make it so bad it might end up making more damage than good.


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