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Making Customer Satisfaction Count

Making Customer Satisfaction Count

Making Customer Satisfaction Count

September 7, 2012 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

Over the last two decades, technology advances and factors such as deregulated markets have led to products and services now becoming commodities much faster than ever before. Business and consumer customers are more fickle and have higher expectations in what service organizations deliver. Brand loyalty has thus become much more difficult to establish and maintain.

In this commoditized world, just how do field service organizations ensure they not only attract new customers but also maintain current customers? The best way to differentiate lies in the customer experience. Because it’s easy for customers to jump ship to a new service provider, the most effective way to establish loyalty is through improving customer satisfaction.

At the upcoming ClickConnect conference I will moderate the panel, “Making Customer Satisfaction Count,” featuring representatives from a range of global field service organizations describing real-world scenarios of how they distinguished themselves from their competition by improving the customer experience, and what tools and strategies were employed.

We will also explore the key issues to improving customer satisfaction:

  • What does it mean to increase customer satisfaction and how is it measured?
  • What technologies are available to help manage customer satisfaction?
  • Who should conduct the measurement, and who should be responsible for its success?
  • How should the results impact the way you deliver service?
  • How do you link customer satisfaction metrics to measurable revenue?

Answering these questions and executing on the results will enable your service organization to deliver higher levels of customer service and adopt new approaches, such as these below, that lead to repeat business as well as referrals:

  • Scheduling appointments within two-hour windows rather than four or six-hour windows so customers spend less time waiting for visits from field personnel.
  • Providing customers with updates via mobile devices to keep them informed about arrival time, and to provide faster responses to inquiries.
  • Relying on field service personnel as brand ambassadors and ensuring they provide excellent levels of service at all times.
  • Providing field personnel with the required technology and training to properly service customers—they are often the only people that customers ever meet in person so they must reflect positively upon the brand.

Improving customer satisfaction has become a significant driver in technology investments. It’s now the last bastion of real differentiation for many service organizations. I hope you can join me to hear what our panelists have to say, and to discover new ways to differentiate the services you provide to your customers.


Customer Satisfaction

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