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Majority of Employees Think BYOD Is Secure, CTIA Survey Reveals

Majority of Employees Think BYOD Is Secure, CTIA Survey Reveals

Majority of Employees Think BYOD Is Secure, CTIA Survey Reveals

June 10, 2013 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

CTIA recently published a survey, conducted by Harris Interactive, concerning workplace technology practices, which revealed that 83% of employees believe that their mobile devices are very or considerably secure.shutterstock 103378856

The survey found that just 30% of consumers are familiar with the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend, while 47% have never heard of it. Among IT professionals, 55% said that they were familiar with BYOD, while 26% said that they have never heard of it. When told the definition of the term, over 50% of users said that they were following the practice in one way or another.

Despite the different percentages within the two groups, the five most widely used applications by employees and professionals were email, databases, calendar, enterprise apps and directories. A total of 47% of the polled employees said that their company did not have a formal policy on the use of their own devices which was confirmed by 42% of IT experts, who said the same.

The survey further showed that employees trusted their IT departments as 83% said that their smartphones are very secure and 85% said that their tablets are very secure. Among the IT experts, 68% said that they are confident in the security of their smartphones and 70% said that they trusted the security efforts for their tablets.

Furthermore, when asked whose responsibility it is to secure mobile devices, 67% of IT experts and 82% of employees said that this is the user’s duty. On the other hand, 72% of small and 62% of large businesses agree that it is the employee’s responsibility to secure the device. The methods that IT departments use to protect users’ devices are passwords/PIN codes (58%), software updates (63%), anti-virus software (43%), remote lock and erase data apps (34%), and location tracking software (38%). Users pointed to similar methods to protect their devices.

Even though BYOD usage in enterprises of all sizes is similar, companies with less than 500 employees are less willing to make efforts to secure their workers’ mobile devices and are less likely to talk about the importance of taking security actions with their staff. It is not surprising that employers are not very concerned over the risks that bring your own device poses, as 67% of the participants in the survey said that the benefits offset the risks.

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