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Let Mobile do the Work for Your Business

Let Mobile do the Work for Your Business

Let Mobile do the Work for Your Business

July 3, 2013 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

ClickMobile 8.1.9. The Best ClickMobile to Date.

I’m delighted to take you through a deeper dive of ClickMobile 8.1.9, probably our best ClickMobile product release ever. In this release we introduced a huge collection of new features, usability enhancements, knowledge collaboration and social experience apps, new business tools that increase users’ productivity, and some cool new technical enhancements our customers were asking for.

Let’s begin with some usability enhancements our users are going to love!

New look & feel, including a new skin, redesigned forms, better colors contrast, and sexier icons – those are just part of an improved shell. But that’s nothing compared to the new scrolling experience and the new finger gestures that will turn any common activity into a fun and easy one.

Timesheets become easier with the new timesheets activities app:

With every new release we are also introducing new significant apps. This time is the new timesheets activities app which logs users activities into a detailed activities report that is captured as part of the daily, weekly or monthly timesheet.

The new activities app is perfect for organizations that keep an accurate detailed activity list for all of their users. The new app is extremely flexible to support different working models (time resolutions, working as single users or in teams), status changes and more. It can save up to an hour a day just by eliminating long forms and filling activities by automating them.

Knowledge collaboration with a social touch:

We think about our users, not just trying to make them more productive, but also trying to enhance their experience and professionalism.

With a new line of apps we take care of our users. SHOUT! is a knowledge collaboration app that allows field users to share information and technical knowledge in the context of any given activity, procedure, or object that are part of their ongoing work. With SHOUT!, users can leave comments as part of their field inspection, customer visit, or expense report. Those comments are visible to the other stakeholders of this business process. SHOUT! also includes a fun way to stay up to date with the ongoing activities and collaboration through a social-style feed. Learn more about SHOUT! in here.

In version 8.1.9 we also included a friendly messages app that allows users to chat with each other securely and efficiently. This includes field users as well as back-office users using our back-office applications such as ClickSchedule.

A business platform that is stronger than ever

With some amazing new technical tools, the Mobility Studio now allows developers and implementers to easily add file attachments and functionality to any business process, form, app, etc. The files allow integrating with the local storage, camera (for taking and attaching pictures), or documents. Files are an integrated part of many business solutions out there and are now available to our implementers and customers everywhere.

The same goes with Push Notifications: with some amazing improvements, we now allow push notifications in just about any app, module, form, business process which is part of your ClickMobile solution. Push Notifications make it easier for users to stay up to date with changes taking place during the day without having to constantly check their phone.

Files, notifications, and other new technical features make it easier to build a feature’s rich solutions using the ClickMobile platform and the Mobility Studio.

A developer’s creativity as the key:

With ClickMobile we constantly try to equip our implementers and developers with simple yet powerful tools. Rapid development and ease of maintenance are key for successful mobile projects.

Still, a developer’s creativity can turn any basic app into an intriguing one, and in ClickMobile 8.1.9 we added a list of new tools any developer will enjoy: using embedded HTML tools, colorful widgets can be added to ClickMobile forms, side-bars, or views. New API’s allow easier enhancement of the standard UI controls with advanced ones, custom-made.

With ClickMobile 8.1.9 developers can enhance the experience and still enjoy the platform stability, scalability, data synchronization and flexibility.


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