Ledcor Moves to the Cloud as Forecast Calls for Growth

Ledcor Moves to the Cloud as Forecast Calls for Growth

Ledcor Moves to the Cloud as Forecast Calls for Growth

June 19, 2013 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

Author: Stephen Timms

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting with the team at Ledcor Technical Services to talk about the challenges they face in the rapidly evolving telecommunications field. ClickSoftware is proud to partner with a leader in the industry and help them face these challenges head on by providing cloud solutions that simplify field operations, lower operational costs, and most importantly, improve customer service for their clients.


Ledcor is a perfect example of a company that needed to scale operations as it grew, and we are excited to share the results of the extremely rapid ClickSoftware implementation. Going live in 30 days, Ledcor has experienced a dramatic rise in the efficiency of its operations through the advantages of real-time communication and scheduling. Field workers are now more aligned with customer needs, resulting in happier customers, but also speeding up administrative processes. It’s a great testament to Ledcor that they are able to adapt to the dynamics of the industry and embrace change for success. Kudos to their leadership, and congratulations to the employees for embracing change for the better.




To learn more watch the full conversation with Ledcor.


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