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Latin America’s Booming Economy an Opportunity for Service Organizations

July 25, 2012 Administrator 0 Comments

Author: Stephen Timms

Latin America is currently one the world’s most dynamic and growing regions. This spring the International Monetary Fund projected the continent’s economic growth to be about four percent in 2013. Brazil is the shining star of Latin America, as well as one of the rising global economic powerhouses. In fact, in 2011 Brazil overtook the United Kingdom as the world’s sixth largest economy with a GDP of $2.52 trillion.

What does the growing Brazilian economy mean for services businesses in the country? With rising personal incomes and a growing middle class, consumers are, well, consuming more, especially technology and related services. More money means more investment and a burgeoning capital economy, which in turn, drives high competition and ultimately, greater customer choice.

In our marketspace, this change is creating organizational maturity.  Companies are being forced by both customer and commercial pressure to find ways to differentiate their service offering, and do so more cost effectively.  In a country of 190 million people, there is a lot of business up for grabs to those companies who are most successful in bringing this change!

How do organizations make a seamless transition to this new model?  Two answers. First, creating internal policies and better training employees is a start, but automation systems, such as mobile workforce management solutions can have a meaningful, positive impact. Secondly, how do organizations make a seamless transition to this new model? The alternative answer is, ‘they don’t.’  Introducing this technology comes with significant change-management and process change, and selecting the right business partner is the difference between success or failure.

Already the global leader in Mobile Workforce Management and Optimization, ClickSoftware is very excited to announce Oi, one of Latin America’s largest telecommunications companies, to its enviable list of customers. The telecommunications giant is certainly leading the way in delivering better, more efficient services to its tens of millions of residential and corporate customers. We praise their innovation, vision and commitment to being a regional pioneer, and we are convinced their growing customer base will too.


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