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Knowing Your Twitter Reputation

Knowing Your Twitter Reputation

Knowing Your Twitter Reputation

July 29, 2009 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

Service companies beware! With social media becoming more and more prevalent in today’s society, tales of bad service experiences can rapidly spread to hundreds of people in a matter of seconds. In a competitive environment such as this, customer service has never been more important for business. And in a tight economy, personal recommendations from friends, family, and like business people are becoming more and more important to consumers.

In the world of service, one upset customer can now easily tweet to hundreds of followers about their personal experience; quickly putting the reputation of service companies of all kinds at risk.

But don’t take my word for it. Below is just a sampling of today’s tweets from “patiently” waiting customers…

Redbox: Never ever use UPS. Day’s wasted waiting indoors for the delivery, bad service and excuses…

Roz_B: Waiting for customer service… if I needed this call to save my life, I’d be out of luck 🙁

Koronis: Still waiting for service, in a crappy restaurant

Simplydotnl: Left the hospital after waiting an hour for my appointment. Nice service!

Holoprojector: In the service waiting room at CarMax. I’ll be here a while; a weight loss infomercial is on. Where’s my cyanide…

Neenia: I’ve been waiting for 45min here at Globe’s crappy service center!!!

Zillatron: Waiting for @qtron’s pickup service. Also, it’s fracking cold!

Dereham: Waiting for the service man to service the boiler. It is a horrible day.

_Kel_: Worst cust service ever, been waiting @ Optus shop for 25 mins now without any acknowledgement.

WesAtHome: I’m still at home, waiting for the HVAC service person to arrive…

Himesbaker: Waiting to hear from Time Warner for phone service

BonzoBonnie: Waiting for a service guy. It is hard to be patient


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