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Key Tech Trends to Embrace

Key Tech Trends to Embrace

Key Tech Trends to Embrace

April 1, 2013 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

How would you describe today’s successful organization? In Accenture’s opinion, it is a company that understands digital is a strategic imperative; otherwise it’s on the verge of collapse.
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According to the firm’s report, Technology Vision 2013, organizations need to reset their priorities regarding how they use technology to:

  • Drive market differentiation
  • Extend their relationships with consumers
  • Fuel growth and high results

Accenture considers that these could be achieved with technology that is available today, but firms should adopt a new digital mindset to make the best use of the opportunity it offers.

Moving beyond transactions and building digital relationships with customers is the key new approach to engagement and loyalty and according to Accenture, this will be one of the key trends that will mark the future of enterprise IT. By adopting the technologies people use to make their lives easier, businesses are able to provide them with a more customized experience and interactions, thus creating a relationship with the consumer that their competitors don’t have.

In order to foster competitiveness, operations and business performance on the back of technology and software, the report also highlights the importance of developing enterprise software that captures “the right” data. This can be achieved by asking the questions that need to be answered first before creating the application, otherwise firms risk missing relevant information. Businesses that manage to make data a strategic asset will have a big advantage over competitors perceiving data simply as an output.

Apart from data variety and volume, velocity is also an aspect that business leaders should fully understand. Alongside “variety” and “volume,” it is now part of the “three Vs” formula when talking about data, because faster access and gaining more insights from the data is being dictated by mobility and IT consumerization. The need for accelerating the speed at which data is gathered, sorted and analyzed is also triggered by the innovations in technologies such as high-speed data storage, in-memory computing, advances in analytics, data visualization and streaming data querying. If it takes too much time between capturing data and using it to generate valuable insights, the organization risks falling behind and losing out to more responsive competitors.

Accenture also recommends digital-savvy organizations to capitalize on the opportunities social media outlets provide given the significant impact Facebook, Twitter and the likes have on consumers. They can try to integrate similar collaborative tools into their business processes and to ensure new productivity levels by building on workers’ increasing comfort with such networks.

One of the most challenging aspects of enterprise IT is managing the information streams given the constantly evolving applications, systems, networks and communication channels playing a part in this process. One way to expand enterprise flexibility is adopting software-defined networking (SDN), a new technology that is still in its infancy but has the power to change the way organizations connect their systems without affecting their physical characteristics. It allows firms to control and integrate cloud services more quickly and to generate more return from their investment.

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