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Just in Time Arrival… Changing the Rules of the Game

Just in Time Arrival… Changing the Rules of the Game

Just in Time Arrival… Changing the Rules of the Game

June 2, 2011 ClickSoftware 1 Comments

Author: Simon Morris

A few days ago, I was made aware of a new App that had just been launched called ‘Bus New York City’.  This App is being advertised as capable of replacing that “waiting for the bus” experience with real time information on the buses current location and expected arrival time. The smartphone GPS provides the app with the bus riders’ exact location.  The app also knows the exact location of each bus and current traffic conditions. Delivering this information to NYC commuters will allow them to arrive at the stop just before the bus. This App could prove to be a game changer for NYC commuters, saving them the time and frustration that comes with waiting for unpredictable public transit.

There are similarities between “waiting for the bus” and waitingfor a service technician to arrive. For instance, the worse the weather, the more variable the arrival time. Attempting to fulfil another task during the waiting period (such as stepping into a nearby shop for a coffee or popping down to the local shop for some milk) risks missing the bus or the service tech. The longer the wait the more time wasted, the higher the frustration and the more likely that you seek an alternative service provider.

So, congratulations to the Metro Transit Authority of New York City for advertising this App and giving more visibility into their business to their customers. Now, why don’t more service organizations leverage technology that is available today to give their customers more visibility and control of the service experience?

Customer interaction management software enables a service organization to send customers automatic updates via email, SMS and voice message, etc. including confirmations, updates and estimated arrival time of the service resource. The days of the full day, half day, even 2hr appointment window should be numbered if service organizations are willing to change their processes and put powerful technology to effective use.

What is your organization doing to change the rules of the game?

  • sam bennett

    This Bus App is great, is it a Clicksoftware App, or someone else?

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